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Welcome to Print n' Fly!

Welcome to Print n' Fly

Are you doing everything possible to make connectionS with trade show attendees?

Print 'n Fly understands and is committed to finding creative ways to generate and deliver leads through the insightful and considered broadcast of your company’s most compelling content.  We understand the art of persuasion.  We know that cultivating leads will continue to be exhibitors and attendees key focus and underpinning metric.  Helping exhibitors capture their audience with exciting content in the service of generating leads is the key critical assumption and objective of Print n' Fly.  

DELIVER SOMETHING NEW: Are you looking to showcase your industry expertise while enhancing your company's profile ?  Print n' Fly is the ideal platform for exhibitors to help decision makers keep pace with your company's best-practices and vision.  Top industry professionals select the best products, services, people, and ideas to be showcased in a Print n’ Fly custom in flight magazine.   Don't miss the opportunity to engage with thousands of trade-show and convention attendees.   

VALUE:  Avoid strategic-drift.  Establish a meaningful connection with the individual attendee.  Print n' Fly delivers engaging, artful, fresh and relevant content in a custom, graphically astute, magazine format. 

OWNERSHIP:  Print n’ Fly is collaborative.  We work together to create a memorable publishing event.  Ownership offers stakeholders the opportunity to participate as co-creators.   

ENGAGEMENT:  Increase your share of voice-on-site.  In fact, your next trade-show/convention is your best opportunity to promote your products and services.  Print n’ Fly disrupts the stale, over-sold, marketing platforms by offering an exclusive publication giving you a competitive edge and the chance to grow your opportunities.  

Will it be your content front and center at your next convention or trade show?

Or will you be scooped by the competition? 

CREATE:  an exclusive , stand alone, content-driven experience attendees can’t get anywhere else. Today, participants expect to be informed and entertained.  By creating a “wow” experience with a Print n’ Fly custom in-flight magazine ,you encourage attendees and buyers engagement on the floor and beyond. 

BRING an added dimension to the attendee experience.  In an age of increasingly mediated interaction, direct connections continue to increase in value. Let Print n’ Fly set the table for these unrealized connections with your tailored content in an a brilliant magazine format.  Increase your top and bottom line results with stronger positioning in your market place and beyond,

BE RELEVANT NOW: ‘SHOWS OVER” STAY RELEVANT, Print n’ Fly lives on in perpetuity via our website and blog.  Standing still with staid marketing give-aways is not an option.  Where is your event impact found the other 362 days of the year? Is it living online? Rise above the fray with Print n’ Fly. 

CONVENTION and TRADE SHOWS are the last bastions of face-to-face marketing. Announce your arrival with Print ‘N Fly’s custom in-flight magazine!