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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Print n' Fly magazine?

Print 'n Fly Magazine is an in-flight magazine written for your customer's journey to the convention destination city. As a trusted resource, it's all about the show. With restaurant and entertainment guides plus great articles on what's happening now in your industry, the Print 'n Fly gives you an exclusive opportunity to spend quality time with your customers and prospects.

How is Print n' Fly distributed?

We distribute the Print 'n Fly in PDF format, so there are no printing costs on your part. As a small email attachment, the Print 'n Fly can be easily shared and passed on to fellow conference attendees.

Why Print n' Fly?

Print 'n Fly understands and is committed to finding creative ways to generate and deliver leads through the insightful and considered broadcast of your company’s most compelling content.  We understand the art of persuasion. We know that cultivating leads will continue to be exhibitors and attendees  key focus and underpinning metric. Helping Exhibitors capture their audience with exciting content in the service of generating leads is the key critical assumption and objective of Print 'n Fly.