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About Print n' Fly Magazine

Print 'n Fly Magazine is an in-flight magazine written for your customer's journey to the convention destination city. As a trusted resource, it's all about the show. With restaurant and entertainment guides plus great articles on what's happening now in your industry, the Print 'n Fly gives you an exclusive opportunity to spend quality time with your customers and prospects.

We distribute the Print 'n Fly in PDF format, so there are no printing costs on your part. As a small email attachment, the Print 'n Fly can be easily shared and passed on to fellow conference attendees.


At Print 'n Fly, our primary mission is to make your trade show marketing more successful. 

We do this by producing custom, in-flight magazines for your convention attendees. Full of helpful articles written by industry thought leaders, these Print 'n Fly magazines are a proven marketing vehicle that give you an exclusive opportunity to spend a few hours of quality time with your potential customers beforethey even get to the show.

The Print 'n Fly model is more than a helpful resource for your customers and prospects, it is a proven method of engagement that none of your competitors will be able to offer.

At typical Print 'n Fly Table of Contents includes:

  • Interview with Conference Chairperson and/or Keynote Speaker
  • Interview with your CTO and other Executives with an outlook industry trends that every conference attendee should look for
  • Ads for your products, exhibit, and customer receptions
  • Restaurant and Entertainment guides written by Locals from the Destination City
  • City guides with helpful hints on transportation and things to see during their visit

Are you interested in standing above the fray at your next convention? Contact us at Print 'n Fly for a free consultation.